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Information 2021

Information regarding EcoTrail Stockholm 2021 due to the current pandemic

Dear Trail runner,

2020 was a different racing year, where many events had to be canceled or implemented as virtual races. Going into 2021, we are optimistic races will be organized once again, but probably with some directives to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection. 

EcoTrail Stockholm continuously monitors the work that the Government Offices are currently working on in order to carry out sporting events safely. Minister of Sports Amanda Lind has stated in the assignment that "The government wants to facilitate the current restrictions as soon as possible", which indicates that Sweden will have greater opportunities for public events next year. 


What does this mean for EcoTrail Stockholm and for you as a participant?

EcoTrail Stockholm is currently planned to be organized "as normal" on June 12, 2021. Although our event is a fairly big one with approx. 2000 runners it still consists of nine smaller races within the event. Each race has its individual course and alloted start time, we already have different start areas for several of the races and finishes are spread out over more than 10 hours. As a result of this, EcoTrail Stockholm is a very flexible event in terms of how many runners there actually will be at the same time at the start, along the course and at the finish.  This enables us to adapt the event and still organize it even if restrictions would limit us to e.g. max 200 runners. For instance by: adapting courses in order to separate runners/races even further, changing start times for races to distribute them even more during race day, having individual start and finish areas for the different races, implementing wave starts for the main races and as a last resort - organizing the event over two days with the longer races on Saturday and the shorter ones on Sunday.

With all the options for implementing the arrangement safely, together with the government's ambitions to ease the restrictions next year, we are confident that EcoTrail Stockholm will be organized in 2021. 

We look forward to offering all runners a fantastic trail experience in the Swedish capital in the summer of 2021! 


What happens if EcoTrail Stockholm still cannot be organized at all in 2021?

In the unlikely event of EcoTrail Stockholm being cancelled or postponed due to factors outide of our control, registered runners will be offered the following options:

• Virtual race 2021 including medal, offers from partners and 50% discount on 2022 races. 

• Transfer registration to postponed date or 2022

• 50% refund of registration fee. 


Do you have any questions about EcoTrail Stockholm 2021?  Please contact us >>




Team EcoTrail Stockholm