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Information 2021

Information letter EcoTrail Stockholm 2021, due to the current Covid pandemic.

Best Trail Runner!


Spring is approaching in Sweden, at the same time as the second and third wave of Covid pulls through Europe with full force. The spread of infection remains high in Sweden and restrictions on public gatherings remain.


Despite this, we finally see an opening to host competitions again!


FHM has just approved the Government's proposal to start public activities in an infection-proof manner from 11 April 2021. Specifically, the proposal means that events are judged on the basis of the number of participants and category. Outdoor events allow a higher number of participants than e.g. indoor arrangements. In addition to the type of event, the number of participants will also be limited by the ongoing spread of infection in society, which is divided into three levels: Low, Medium and High spread of infection. Outdoor arrangements are allowed with the new rules up to 150 people if there is a high spread of infection. The level of medium spread of infection is 900 people. With a low spread of infection, all restrictions on the number of participants are removed.


What does this mean for EcoTrail and for you as a participant?


EcoTrail has good conditions to be arranged as planned on June 12, 2021. The event is carried out on several different tracks with different distances and already has divided starting groups. With the new guidelines from the Government, we can already plan for different approaches, adapted to the restrictions that are proposed. If the new proposal is adopted and takes effect from 11 April, we expect a maximum ceiling for EcoTrail of 900 people (medium spread of infection). As our different courses and different starting places will be separate events, we expect that everyone registered for EcoTrail will get a starting place.


So continue with your training and pep before the summer's highlight. Enjoy the spring and nice paths that dry up, either through wonderful rounds on your own or in groups with others (with respect for the spread of infection).


We look forward to offering all runners a fantastic experience in Sweden's capital in the summer of 2021!



Henrik, Project Manager EcoTrail Stockholm 2021


What happens if the race still cannot be completed?


If, contrary to expectations, ordinary events cannot be implemented in 2021 due to circumstances beyond EcoTrail Stockholm, those of you who have registered for the race will be compensated according to the following alternatives:

• Virtual race 2021 including medal, offer from partners and 50% discount on the 2022 race.

• Move the starting point to 2022.

• 50% refund of the registration fee.


Do you have any questions about EcoTrail Stockholm 2021?  Please contact us >>