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Info - Corona virus

Information regarding the Corona virus and its impact on EcoTrail Stockholm

Updated 2020-03-13

Dear EcoTrailer. We appreciate that you who already are registered for EcoTrail Stockholm or you who are considering signing up are worried and have questions regarding the extraordinary situation which people and countries around the world currently are in. So are we. Just like most people we are worried about the impact the virus has on society, economy and people's health. EcoTrail Stockholm and its organizer Team Nordic Trail is a small company and we are of course also concerned regarding the potential impact on our organization and our race in June.

We are continuously following the development and adapting our planning and organization based on guidelines and decisions from the Swedish government and authorities. If guidelines are changed or new decisions are implemented, we will regularly update our policies and plans below.


Despite the current situation, we hope that you're able to run as much as you like and get to enjoy some nice trails without the restrictions and guidelines many of us currently have to abide by in everyday life.


Kind Regards,

Race Director

Robin Johansson



Status 2020-03-13

EcoTrail Stockholm Saturday June 13th

Since there still are three months left until race day, we are currently still hoping to organize all our races as planned. Right now, we will follow the day-to-day development and await further guidelines, recommendations and decisions from Swedish authorities before making any decisions regarding changes or limitations, postponement or, in a worst case scenario, cancellation. We are fully aware that several other big races in Sweden planned for this spring have already been cancelled or postponed. However, our race has fewer runners, a different format and is organized in a very different way. Due to these factors we are a lot more flexible compared to many other organizers which gives us more options and opportunities when it comes to changing the format or introduce limitations for the race. Based on this, we will not make any decisions regarding changes/limitations/postponement/cancellation at this time, but are instead hoping that we will still be able to organize the races as planned on June 13. As soon as we have any new information we can share with you, we will post it here on our website, through social media and also by e-mail if we make any major decisions related to our race.

As of now, our normal terms and conditions are in effect which means that it is possible to change your registration between the different races/distances or change runner/name for a registration. However, at this time it is not possible to receive a partial or full refund for a cancelled registration or to transfer a registration to a future edition of the race.