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EcoTrail Stockholm 2020 is cancelled

It is with sorrow we have to inform you that EcoTrail Stockholm June 13th will not take place in the way or form that we have planned for and been looking forward to since last summer. Many races this spring and summer have already been cancelled due to the Corona virus and its effects and you can read more about the background to our decision below. We are hurting with our race colleagues in Sweden and in the world, because we know how much time, work and money race organizers and volunteers put into their events year after year up until that magical day we call race day.

We are also hurting with you who have trained for many months and been looking forward to achieving your goal on June 13. Regardless if your goal was to toe the start line before comfortably enjoying the beautiful courses, finishing at a new personal best or if it was to be your first race ever and you were looking forward to receiving our beautiful wooden medal at the finish line.


But - we will still do Virtual EcoTrail Stockholm June 11th-14th!

That is the reason why we still want EcoTrail Stockholm to happen this year in the form of a virtual race. You will still have the possibility to race all in, regardless of where you live and after you've completed the race we will send you the 2020 medal and your finisher Buff by mail (read more about the virtual race below) as well as a discount code for 50% off on the 2021 race. You also have the option of deferring/transferring your registration to the 2021 race, but we hope that you want to run our virtual race and plead to you to choose this option in order to give us a better starting-point when planning and preparing next year's race.

All registered runners for the 2020 race have been sent an e-mail where you can read more about the different options we're offering registered runners and how to "activate" the virtual race or defer your registration to 2021. Are you registered but haven't received the e-mail? Please send us an e-mail at Besides the virtual race we're already looking forward to EcoTrail Stockholm Saturday June 12th 2021 when we'll be back at 100% to offer you that magical race experience on winding trails and a trail running party at the finish line with thousands of fellow runners.


Why are you cancelling the race on June 13th now?

During March and April, we developed plans for how we could organize the race in alternative ways, for instance by spreading the races over several days and by changing start times for the individual races and thereby organizing several smaller events. We really wanted you to run our beautiful courses and hand you the medal when you crossed the finish line. Since restrictions in Sweden have been less strict compared to many other countries, we adopted a wait-and-see strategy in case future even less strict guidelines were to be announced for this summer. We realize it would have been difficult for foreign runners to travel to Stockholm regardless of Swedish restrictions, but we simply had to wait until making a final decision regarding the race overall before offering alternatives for runners.However,  now we've reached the point in time where we cannot wait any longer. Even if EcoTrail Stockholm in many ways is a very flexible event, it's also a complex one. Specifically when it comes to permits since our courses pass through seven different municipalities and nine different nature reserves. Currently, authorities will not process permit applications, even for future events, unless they are for less than 50 people. This means that we probably couldn't be granted a permit in time even if restrictions change.We've already invested a lot of money into this year's race and from this point on, the financial risk is simply too great for us as an organizer. This is why we're offering the virtual race + a 50% discount on the 2021 race as our first option to you as a registered runner.


Why don't you postpone the race to a date later this year?

Right now, there are a lot of uncertainties regarding which restrictions we all might live under for the coming months. Even if society more or less has gone back to "normal" everyday life in summer/autumn, it is not unlikely that events gathering a larger amount of people will be banned or be restricted with short notice.The fact that we cannot organize the race as planned in June means that we're taking a big hit financially even if no runners are running the race. If we were to postpone the race and later on had to cancel a second time the costs and losses would have been even greater for us.The financial risk with postponing was simply not acceptable to us if we are to guarantee future events of EcoTrail Stockholm and if we want to put on a great race in 2021, which we do! By doing the virtual edition of the race this year, we're making sure EcoTrail Stockholm will be around for years to come while also giving all registered runners the opportunity to race and to receive their medal, even if they wouldn't have been able to travel to Stockholm later this year.


Thank you for your understanding regarding our decision and the alternatives offered. Take care of yourself and those around you and we're looking forward seeing you (online) at Virtual EcoTrail, on a trail somewhere or at EcoTrail Stockholm 2021!


Kind Regards

Robin, Miranda and Team EcoTrail Stockholm